How to play

1. Just pick which competition you'd like to enter

2. Choose how many times you'd like to enter

3. Play with confidence through our secure portal


How to enter our prize competitions

1. First thing you need to do is register.  

2. Then Pick the Competition you want to enter.

3. Choose how many tickets you would like in the draw.

4. Answer the questions, be sure and choose the right answer.

5.Complete your payment.

6.You will be emailed with your number in that draw and also interactively placed onto the competition page against your assigned number.

How the winner is picked and when the draws go live

1. Once the timer on the competition is complete the draw will go ahead.

2. We will give 48 hrs notice of when the draw will be held live via one of our social media pages

3. There will be a live streamed video of the draw using the random number generator picking our lucky Winner 

Delivery to the winner and uploading winner pictures

1. The prize will be delivered to the winner within 7 working days of the winner being announced.

2. Delivery is free of charge to all United Kingdom addresses.

3. Winning pictures will be uploaded within 7 days on ‘Winners’ page.